There are a great many resources available on omnichannel and related topics. Below are a few that we found interesting. Please note that this is not meant to be an exhaustive list (and is in no particular order).


Mayur Gupta’s LinkedIn Posts.

BigCommerce. The Complete Omni-Channel Retail Report: What Brands Need to Know About Modern Consumer Shopping Habits in 2018.

LPM. Top Omni-channel Retail Trends: A guide to the Proven Value of an Omni-channel Retail Strategy.

Genesys. Roadmap for Omnichannel Customer Engagement: A Practical Guide to Modernizing Your Contact Center and Delivering Omnichannel Customer Experiences. 2017.

arvato BertelsmannPremium brands need premium customer service: Creating a single customer view in an omnichannel world. 2017

Organizational Readiness

BCA Presents: Omnichannel – The New Value Driver [Video or PowerPoint Presentation]. Sponsored by the Big Content Alliance (of which AvenueCX is a foudning member), this webinar focuses on how to help your organization think through an omnichannel project and identify potential roadblocks.

Related Blog Posts:

Standing Up a Successful Omnichannel Content Strategy Vis-à-vis Competing Organizational Priorities

Hitting the Right Rhythm for Omnichannel Success

Iterable. Omni-Channel Marketing Maturity Assessment. A short assessment focusing on content marketing strategy. Useful for marketing departments/business units.

Federal Times. Omnichannel Ready? Written for federal contact centers, there are definite lessons for B2B and B2C customer service centers in this article.

Customer Journeys

Kevin P. Nichols, AvenueCX. Mapping Content to the Customer Journey: 5 Keys to Success. Discusses how customer centricity drives the approach for journey and content creation. November, 2017.

Amahl Williams, Pluris. Mapping the Omni-channel Customer Journey. Blog article that provides a good overview of customer journeys in an omni-channel context.

Paul Boag. What Is Customer Journey Mapping and How to Start? In depth explanation of the customer journey mapping process. February 2018.

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